Smart phones are majorly in vogue at the moment. They are not only trendy, but also highly used by a plethora of functions. Since they are vastly popular among youth and aged alike, it is but natural to crave for a smart phone if you don’t already possess one. This craving has led to a crazy growth in terms of market consumption and there are now a host of options available for those who want to spend lavishly and also for those who want to save a profit but still want to reap the benefits of the latest in mobile technology Smartphone Price Reviews. Many brands are emerging with newer and attractive options that provide enticing features at a lot more affordable cost. It is some of the more affordable priced smart phones that we talk about here.

Micromax Canvas 4- Micromax is a relatively new brand but its Canvas series of phones have established it well in the market. Micromax Canvas 4 is a device at the top of performance due to its quad core processor and possesses many unique features like Touch permitted flip cover, Blow to unlock etc. Despite the innovative technology and the power packed performance, the device is reasonably priced at Rs. teen, 500.

Google Nexus 4- Google has long since been present in the technology arena. Taking the logical advancement, it has ventured into the smart phone market and launched Google Nexus 4. The device, taking a technological finesse of Google, performs well banking on its quad core processor and 2 GB RAM with an 8 MP camera. The device costs a modest 23, 500 INR and falls well in the budget choice of a mid level buyer.

Motorola RAZR HD- Motorola had a decent market share some time back. With their new choice of phones they are striving hard to regain their standing in the smart phone arena. The latest in this range is Motorola RAZR HARLEY-DAVIDSON that is yet to be launched in The indian subcontinent. The unit is powered by a Dual Core processor and a 2 GB RAM. With a 4. 7″ display and 8 MP camera, the device is said to be priced at around 32000 INR for the Indian market.

Intex Aqua HD- Another brand that is yet carve a name in the smart phone market, Intex is going out in the high performance division with its mobile phone Intex Aqua HARLEY-DAVIDSON.